Transvaal Study Circle Publications

Transvaal Study Circle Publications

A set of six maps compiled by Fred Jeppe in 1899; published on 1st November 2018.


The set of six maps compiled by Fred Jeppe showing an immense amount of detail of the South African Republic in 1899 is published
by the Transvaal Study Circle in facsimile in full colour. It shows main topographic features, rivers, farms, railways, roads and
postal routes with post offices and agencies, and many names. Shown at 1:476,000 allowing the reader to relate historical events to
present property boundaries on modern maps. Town plans of Johannesburg and Pretoria are included at a much larger scale. Folded
conveniently into a slip-case, the set of maps was once held by the British War Office from January 1900 and became a source for
other maps used during and immediately after the South African War. Each map carries an authoritative account of its making and
significance in providing intelligence to the British Army and potentially to any post-war administration.

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Published on 25th July 2018.

The Transvaal 'Spread Wings' 6d stamps 1870-1878. A plating and identification study, by Lars Jørgensen. 210 pages in full colour. (Sorry out of Print).

Published November 2017

Every page is designed to help the collector identify the printings and each different pane position.
Hundreds of enlarged colour illustrationsare backed up by methodical research, text and tables. Moreover, never
before have the colours of these stamps been presented so precisely in any printed work.

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The Transvaal Philatelist (Published 1966 to date, Many are in stock - Please ask and we will try to help).


Number 1, Christopher Board, (1992), The Transvaal in 1906, A map of postal offices, postal agencies and postal routes with a description and gazetteer.
(Out of Print, however, we have a long article in The Transvaal Philatelist by the same author that has the same maps etc., which is in stock: £12 including postage.

Number 2, Alan Drysdall, (1996), A listing of the stamps of the First South Africa Republic and a guide to their identification. (Sorry out of Print).

Number 3, Andrew Higson, (2004), The Stamps of Swaziland. (Just one left).

Number 4, Lars Jørgensen, (2010), Early covers from the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek / Transvaal. A census and analysis of the known covers 1870 - ca. 1885. (In Stock) (Sorry last copy sole 22,08.2020).

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Volume 1, Alan Drysdall, (1994), Transvaal; the provisional issues of the First British Occupation. (Sorry out of Print).

Volume 2, Alan Drysdall, (1995), Transvaal; Revenue and Telegraph Stamps. (Sorry out of Print).

Volume 3, Alan Drysdall, (1997), Transvaal; Railway Stamps and Travelling Post Offices. (Sorry out of Print).

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