Transvaal Study Circle Logos

Transvaal Study Circle Logos

1966 Logo of the Transvaal Study Circle © loge1991. Forty Years Anniversary Logo - Transvaal Study Circle © forty-five-years-anniversary-logo-Transvaal Study Circle ©

Since the Transvaal Study Circle was founded five logos have been designed and used.

From left to right there are:

The first illustrated a Voortrekker covered disselboom wagon surrounded by the letter "T", "S" and "C".
This was used on letterheads from at least 1966 to the 1990s and on the title page of The Transvaal Philatelist
from January 1966 to November 1991.

The second, designed by Jeff Woolgar has been used on Study Circle's letterheads from June 1991 to date,
on the title page of The Transvaal Philatelist from June 1991 to date and the Study Circle's website.

The third was designed for use during the Study Circle's fortieth
year and has been used on the website and for letterheads.

The fourth was used by the Editor Andrew Higson on our Royal Mail "Smilers" postage stamp used in celebration
of the Study Circle's forty-fifth anniversary and is now to be seen of the Study Circle's website.

The fifth was designed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Transvaal Study Circle.

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