Founded on 13th November 1965, the Study Circle is enjoying forty nine years of shared philatelic research.

Some websites we have found useful*.

  • Anglo-Boer War Philatelic Society

  • Biographies of Philatelists and Dealers

  • British Library Philatelic Research - A Basic Guide
  • Cape of Good Hope books about Cape Postage and Revenue Stamps

  • Central South African Railways TPOs

  • Chinese Indentured Labour on the Witwatersrand Gold Fields

  • National Philatelic Society and On-Line Library Database

  • Orange Free State Study Circle

  • Philatelic Collections at The British Library

  • Research material catalogues of c.90 major UK and Irish libraries
  • Postcard Printer & Publisher Research
  • Robson Lowe late member of the Transvaal Study Circle

  • Royal Philatelic Society-Cape Town

  • Emil Tamsen the GOM of Transvaal Philately

  • Transvaal Stamps - Home Page

  • Transvaal Study Circle - Sales

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    Transvaal Stamps - Home Page

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